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High Vibe Fitness in Platteville runs a different kind of nutrition program. Using a flexible style of planning that is more sustainable and practical for your day to day life. This is the perfect supplement to your training!

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It's not a diet, its a system, and you don’t need to be an athlete to be able to participate! We provide the guidance, our coaches instruct you and modify your nutrition plan so its suitable for you!

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Finally make time for yourself, setup for success, and get more done in less time. Through experienced coaching, the right people, and a game plan for success, we focus on getting you the results you want.

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Its not a rigid diet, its a system that allows flexibility so you can make choices on the go!

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Its not just about the food, its about living stress free, sleep, and self-care.

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Andrew Pennekamp

Wise Guy

About Coach

The first workout I did with High Vibe was The Murph in 2019, which was the beginning of my gym journey. I did wait nearly a year before I joined High Vibe in 2020. 2020 brought new challenges and I was encouraged to do a cool CrossFit competition in Green Bay that fall. I started going to get a master’s degree that fall as well and between the gym, school, coaching basketball, and work I’ve been on a whirlwind journey that has leveled up the awesomeness that is Andy, okay maybe I’ll never win a competition but I’m here to have fun, chat with the people and get a good workout. Started coaching in 2022, because why not bring some Pennekamp fun to the gym workouts. Guaranteed to have a challenging fun time.

Turning Point

My gym frenemy is Jamie Klein, that jerk can do muscle-ups. One day I will beat Jamie at a cardio workout and leave him in a puddle of his own despair. As Jamie cardio coughs and rolls on the floor, I will stand over top of him and sing “I’m Sexy and I Know It” until such a time that he concedes my amazing abilities are vastly better than his. (wiggle wiggle wiggle yah)

Motivation & Passion

It took me a month or more to get used to the social aspects of the gym. Then one day I made the mistake of calling out a young lady, who will remain anonymous (cough Cora), and let her know that the bag was not going to punch itself. From that day forward she challenged me and brought a bit of competitive fun to workouts. I made more and more friends were made and it kept me motivated to keep coming. I am a morning crew member and you need a reason to get out of bed at 5:00 am, these gym people make that so easy to wake up, I hate missing a morning session. Also, I’m told the gym is a lot quieter without me there, hard to believe.


YOGA: stay flexible friends, I’ll add short bursts to my workouts, occasionally.

Anyone else ever workout so much they felt like they needed an extended stay in a hospital…been there, prefer to be consistent and not go there again.

I don’t like to tell anyone my max weight for lifts or PRs.  Let’s keep those quiet, then on off days you have no idea that I’m actually going light.

My favorite machine is the bike, it is best paired with Wall Balls, Box step ups, Burpee box over, or deadlift.  Bring it on.

The Ski erg plays into strengths and my history as a swimmer, bring on the butterfly motion and keep up if you can.


Coached football for 9 years

Coached girls youth basketball.

Basically I can handle how to get you strong while smiling the entire time and let things roll off my back.  

Games, warmup games, love them, expect a good warm up but pair it with some whacky challenge.  Obstacle courses are my favorite to plan and execute, but team flippy cup was also a solid game.

Jamie Klein


About Coach

I started doing fitness with a passion when I was about 10 years old. I am one of 13 children so every day involved some form of physical endeavor. My mom was the first to introduce me to running and lifting; she dragged me on runs and showed me how to curl and bench with her plastic-coated cement dumbbells in our backyard. My older brother provided guidance in organized sports; he pushed me to wrestle and run. After high school I poured myself into Marine Corps fitness, marathon running, all things cardio, and now CrossFit which is an awesome combination of all things sport…minus the balls, which I was never good at anyways. Fitness is where I found my identity (which I acknowledge is not completely healthy), where I found my friends, and my wife (which made it all worth it in the end).

Turning Point

I have had countless turning points throughout my fitness journey; both big and small. I think most people consider turning points to be those big moments when you commit yourself to something, those big moments when the sky opens up and the heavens fill you with passion, the times when someone or something drives you to push yourself for something great. I have had plenty of those moments and they are exactly that, just moments, they come and they go; just like motivation. And let me tell you something about motivation, she is a fickle bitch, she comes and then she goes. The turning points that are important to me are the small ones; getting up early day in and day out, making time to get the work in, making small healthy choices every day, and committing to a regimen. Small daily decisions are the turning points that foster discipline and consistency; these turning points are the ones that matter and are what drive positive change across time.

Motivation & Passion

My early years working out have grown into a lifelong passion for all things fitness; training for marathons, going through fight camps, preparing for deployments, and just generally chasing that endorphin dragon…he likes to be caught. I love working out, I love the feeling of pure exhaustion after slaying a monster workout, and I want people around me to experience that same joy.


I am a runner and a fighter. I spent years training and competing in long distances, the cardio pain cave is my happy place. I’m particularly proud of two sub 3hr marathons and qualifying for Boston twice (2007 and 2015). I had an amateur mixed martial arts career, with a record of 10-1. I fought at welterweight and light weight in Wisconsin, Ohio and Kentucky, winning two amateur titles.


I have been competing, coaching and fitnessing in general my whole life. I can’t point to any specific degrees or certifications, but I have three decades of working out under my belt so I feel like I’ve accumulated some useful knowledge over the years. From coaching high schoolers, to leading Marines, to training alongside professional fighters or casual hobbyists, I’m confident that my experience and perspective add value to any fitness space.

Rachael Schroeder


About Coach

I have always been a “tomboy”. I grew up surrounded by all boy neighbors. Everyday I would call all those boys and tell them what time and where to meet, as well as which sport we were going to be playing that day. This might sound bossy, but I was competitive. AND I LOVED the feeling of being part of a team. Because of my young interest in sports, I experienced a lot of success in High School. I played varsity volleyball, softball, and basketball as a sophomore. I was all conference in all 3 sports as both a junior and a senior. I went on to play college basketball and softball at UW-Platteville. After graduating, I coached a wide variety of sports, teams and levels. Everything from teaching swimming lessons and coaching t-ball, to running college basketball camps and recruiting college athletes.

Turning Point

After all those years being involved in the sports I loved, playing an intricate part of so many teams, and feeding from other people’s energy and them from mine, I let 1 unfortunate incident, with someone in a powerful position, take it all away from me. For the longest time I blamed that person. I completely stepped away from basketball. And exercise. And endorphins that were so good for my mental health. Every time I walked in a gym or near a ball I had panic attacks. I gained a ton of weight. I was sad and lonely. I was consumed with what had happened. But after some soul searching I realized I needed to stop giving other people power. I spent my whole life trying to make other people happy and sometimes it was at my own expense. What I realized in that time, is that it is ok to do some things for myself. To make ME happy. And when I thought about what made ME happy the most, what I was truly missing, was my team. Sports are about so much more to me than just the ball, or the bat, or the hoop. It’s about working together toward common goals. It’s about like minded individuals who are willing to sprawl out on the floor, in a sweaty pool, exhausted after they laid out everything they had, for themselves and for their team. When part of the right team, you are there for your teammates…AND your teammates are there for you too.

Motivation & Passion

I have a Division 1, ALL- Star, Championship team at home. They make me happy every day. But in addition to that team, I want to be part of a team who is coming to the gym for a little ME time. I want to coach the athlete who is willing to take 45 minutes out of their day from their home team, away team, work team, to focus on giving 100% to the me team. I want to empower the self-denying teammate who gives themselves up all day every day, to realize this time is NOT selfish. This time makes us better. It makes us a better partner, parent, friend, coworker, daughter/son, pet owner. It allows us to clear our minds, strengthen our bodies, become more healthy, and be bad a$$! So come join our team…do it for “ME!”


*Earned the nickname “Cardio Queen”.
*Proud to say “I LOVE Burpees!”
*Ran a half marathon.
*Conquered the rope.


Kick Boxing Certification
Cross Fit Judges Course
BS Psychology
Played 2 sports in College
Coached College Basketball,AAU Basketball, JV Basketball, Freshman Volleyball

Dr. Lisa Millin

L1 CrossFit

About Coach

I was late to the fitness game and only started working out seriously in 2013 at age 37. My youngest of 3 kids was just a toddler, and I went to a boot camp class and couldn’t do 10 push-ups, and I realized maybe I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was. I also had been practicing chiropractic for about ten years at that point and was having some tendinitis and overuse issues in my shoulders, and I knew building strength would help. Over the next two years, I did boot camp 3x per week and added in weightlifting 2x per week. I realized my eating wasn’t supporting this very well and dove into learning how to fuel my body with proper nutrition. I read many nutrition books, logged food, and counted macros for about 19 months. My energy, sleep, and workouts leveled considerably when I focused on nutrition. Eventually, I started to share what I learned and teach others. I continue to do seminars, nutritional coaching, and wellness programs in my chiropractic practice, in partnership with High Vibe Fitness and in the community. By 2015 I was looking for another fitness option and tried a class at High Vibe, and I was instantly hooked. The energy, the people, the variety of workouts, and the community are awesome. There is a real support system here and the coaches and culture are the best in the business. In 2019 I got certified as a CrossFit level 1 trainer, a great extension of my education and experience as a chiropractor. Knowing how the body should move and how form dictates function is invaluable as a doctor, athlete, and coach, and I use these principles daily. In this aspect of my life, my perception of not being naturally athletic is my enemy. Sports didn’t come easy to me, and I never could run very fast or jump very high, and back then, kids didn’t train, so the more gifted natural athletes had an advantage for sure. I learned that getting fit and strong can override a lack of natural ability, and I am stronger, faster, and more coordinated now than I was back then. It also has impacted my health in such a positive way and has made me better and more productive at work and at home. There’s no way I could balance my life’s demands and my interests and passions without my health and fitness. My motivation is to help others live well, age, and prevent disease through their lifestyle. Our bodies need to move properly is key to aging well. Health should be a top priority for everyone, and movement, function, and strength are vital to enjoying life! I love helping people set goals, level up their habits, and see their capabilities. I’m motivated by the energy of progress and the spirit of a community with a common goal.


Fishy Four Mile (2013- present)
A few 10ks
Sprint Triathlon x3
Tough Mudder x3
Rugged Maniac x2
The barbell is my very favorite
Nutrition is my love language


Doctor of Chiropractic Degree 2003
Nutrition Certification 2010
Crossfit Level 1 Certification 2019

Kimberly Pink

Coach Pink

About Coach

I don’t identify as an “athlete”. I grew up on a dairy farm one of 8 kids, with lots of chores and responsibilities. I never “exercised” but could unload wagons of hay all day. Horses were my first love; I have more rodeo memorabilia than sports awards. I played volleyball and basketball, but by the time I was in high school, I was at EVERY sporting event…as the drum major (my mother is a music teacher)! My career in teaching came naturally to me (the leadership, structure, time management, goal-setting, organization, and activity), and coaching at High Vibe is a healthy extension of that passion.

Turning Point

My membership at High Vibe was the first time I focused on something for myself. Coming from a large family, years of teaching, being a wife and a mother, all focused on giving to others or putting others before myself. Don’t get me wrong – family and my career are both blessings and of great value, but I was “stuck”. At High Vibe, I burned calories, anxiety, and stress, and started building confidence, strength, and stamina, all of which have made me a better wife, mother, and teacher. My current position in life is a reflection of where I have been, where I come from – I can’t move forward if I don’t identify how I ended up here. Both moments of success and failure helped me grow and go forward.

Motivation & Passion

I have a great appreciation for all our gym members, athletes, and non-athletes, and encourage their participation. There’s a great mix of coaching styles and classes for everyone. We start the week focused on arms, legs, and cardio. My Thursday Kickboxing is a mix of all three with some humor to help you finish Friday strong. High Vibe is more than a place to sweat; it’s a community of believers who work at physical, mental, and emotional health together. High Vibe gives and gives and gives. As a gym member, willpower alone has not helped me achieve. As a coach, I want to give you the accountability and possibility of change and reaching goals. I will come alongside you and invest time, offer perspective, adjust plans, and celebrate your success!


My IMPACT SCORE was over 100,000 in one kickboxing class. I completed the Cardio Queen’s 300+ burpee workout without dying. I’m not the fastest, strongest, or skinniest, but being self-aware means I consistently show up for my health, my family, and me.


BA in Elementary Education with an English Minor

FiTOUR Kickboxing Certification

Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals

QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper

Greg Nelson


About Coach

I run a big cat sanctuary and spend my free time coaching and keeping tabs on Carole.

Turning Point

Ten years ago I got tired of being tired. Tired in the morning, tired at work, tired at home. Around that time my wife did a triathlon and I was lazy (tired). She finished, super proud. Time to do something…started running, little biking, went to the pool, remembered how to swim. Did a sprint triathlon. Didn’t die. Saw the Ironman World Championships on TV (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile swim), couple thousand people finished it. Well, they did it, why not me? Completed 3 full distance Ironman’s and couple of half distances over the last 10 years.

Motivation & Passion

We are all capable of more than we acknowledge. Sometimes we need a push. I can do that.


4x Ironman Finisher

One Wheel Owner, no broken bones

Maintained a consistent and healthy weight for 10 years


Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 1

CrossFit Anatomy

CrossFit Running

CrossFit Scaling

Jess Redfearn

Owner/Head Coach

About Coach

A country kid who grew up playing outside with the neighbors is my grassroots beginning to being active and loving to be with people. My childhood consisted of any game, swimming, summer rec sports, basketball open gyms, and my favorite class being PE. I went to UW-Platteville for two years not know what I wanted to do (my High school PE teacher told me I wasn’t smart enough to be a PE teacher, so that’s was my college mindset), so I took all the gen eds, tried a few criminal justice classes, until one summer I was working basketball camps and a friend said why don’t you go for teaching. I went back to the Fall semester and declared my major. College was an awesome experience once I found teaching and had awesome classmates and teachers. I also made the UWP Women’s Basketball team my junior year after not playing my freshman and sophomore years.
After college, I got my first job at River Ridge CUSD #210 teaching middle/high school Physical Education. I taught and coached for eight years before I felt that I needed a change.
This is when I resigned spent the summer mulling and finally decided to start High Vibe as Outdoor Bootcamps in multiple cities.
These experiences led me to believe that everyone is capable and that people have a ton of influence on a person.

Turning Point

The feeling of comfort. After eight years of teaching and a steady relationship, I weighed more than I should. I let the days’ stress, long commutes to work and home, and being lazy be my excuses for the lack of self-care.
After leaving teaching, I knew I had to make a change. I joined a ten-week transformation challenge that was kickboxing, resistance band, healthy eating, six days a week. I had great results, and this was the boost I needed to get myself back on track.
I know it’s easy to get busy, make excuses, and feel like you’re too far gone, yet I know that you have to take action to get the motivation you have. Motivation doesn’t just appear and then you feel like working out. You have to get up and workout, start eating better and see the results start to slowly happen, and then you will have the motivation and habits for a healthier lifestyle.
Consistency, Sustainability, and having fun are keys components in the fitness journey.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to uplift, teach, and connect people.
We get caught in the rat race, and we fall asleep in our own lives versus waking up, taking action, and living an intentional life that we choose.
To be successful, you have to learn, put in the work, and do it in a way that won’t leave you crashing and burning at the end.
Life isn’t all our nothing, and Fitness shouldn’t be either. When you take the fun out of fitness, it won’t end well.
We work together to get you working out, keep you accountable, meet new people, eat better, have an empowered mindset, laugh, have fun, and keep coming back.


Avid Lifter
Variety of fitness is the key to success.
Sprint Triathlons
Half Marathons


Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
The Gymnastics Course
ACE Group Fitness
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialty


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